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What do you love about Fragile X?

At first, that might sound like a strange question. But, love is someone or something that touches you in your deepest place and warms your heart. Fragile X, along with its many challenges, can reach beyond those challenges and find love. This love creates a story which needs to be told. Here is what I love

Call for Presentations now open for the 16th International Fragile X Conference

We are now accepting submissions for presentations at the 16th International Fragile X Conference to be held July 11-15, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please be sure to submit by Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at Midnight Pacific Time. All presentations will be reviewed by at least three people. The Conference Committee will choose whether a presentation

Fragile X Pumpkin Carving Contest

The First Annual Fragile X Pumpkin Carving Contest is here! The mission is to raise awareness of Fragile X by carving the NFXF X into a pumpkin and displaying it. The details: Carve a pumpkin with the NFXF X or a Fragile X image of your choosing. You can download stencils of varying sizes (PDF), make

Enter the 2017 Rare Artist Contest by EveryLife Foundation

EveryLife Foundation is holding the Rare Artist Art Contest and we encourage you to enter! All members of the rare disease community throughout the world – including patients, caregivers, family, researchers and medical professionals – are welcome to participate. The contest will accept entries through December 7th, and visitors to the Facebook gallery can vote for their favorites once

Honoring Margaret and Martin Israel with the NFXF Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Fragile X Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be honoring Margaret and Martin Israel as the recipients of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. An award presentation and celebration will be held in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri on November 4th. For over 37 years, Margaret and Martin Israel have been an

Fragile X Mentioned on General Hospital

Fragile X got some mainstream exposure on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. One of the main characters, Samantha McCall, talks with her estranged adoptive dad. Trying to reconnect with his daughter, Samantha’s Dad mentions that he’s been, “doing some research on the genetic disorder that her brother Danny was born with, Fragile X syndrome.” He goes

A Fragile X Question on Jeopardy!

Yes, that’s correct Fragile X syndrome was mentioned when Mike asked for “Fragile for $400” on Thursday nights episode of Jeopardy.

Memories of Joan Canel

Linda Sorensen, MS Associate Director I received an interesting phone call back in the fall of 2008. It was from Joan Canel, and she wanted to know why there wasn’t more going on in Arizona to raise awareness and money for Fragile X. Not only did she want to know why, she was adamant that