EveryLife Foundation is holding the Rare Artist Art Contest and we encourage you to enter!

All members of the rare disease community throughout the world – including patients, caregivers, family, researchers and medical professionals – are welcome to participate. The contest will accept entries through December 7th, and visitors to the Facebook gallery can vote for their favorites once every ten days through December 21st. 

Two awards will be given in each category: one to the entry receiving the most votes on Facebook, and the other selected by a panel of rare disease community leaders. Award recipients in each of the four categories will receive the following prizes:

  • Children (4-11): $100 gift card
  • Teens (12-18): $250 gift card
  • Adults (19+): $500 gift card
  • Adults (19+) – Photography/Digital Art: $500 gift card

Award recipients will have their work displayed during Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill at the Rare Artist reception in Washington, DC on February 28th, 2018. US citizens with works chosen for this reception will be eligible for travel stipends to provide the opportunity to see their work displayed on Capitol Hill.  

For additional information including the governing rules, please visit the Rare Artist website. If you have questions about the contest, please email the contest curator, Grant Kerber, at gkerber@everylifefoundation.org.

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