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Fragile X clinics provide medical services (including medication evaluation and consultation) supervised by a physician and supported by the latest medical, educational, and research knowledge available. Multidisciplinary services, such as genetic counseling and occupational, speech, language, and behavioral therapies, are also available either at the clinic or by referral.

We recommend visiting a Fragile X clinic if you’ve never been to one (or it’s been a while), if you’d like to get involved with research studies or clinical trials, or if you’re having issues with behavior, school, or therapies. You might want to read our guides on what to expect and planning your visit. And to learn more about financial assistance for families traveling to a Fragile X member clinic, ask about the Fly With Me Fund when you make your appointment.

Clinic Evaluation Survey

Did you visit an FXCRC Fragile X clinic in 2019 or 2020 — either in-person or virtually?

We periodically conduct surveys to help clinics improve their care. A few minutes of your time will help you and other families in the future. Thank you for your time!


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In addition to the clinics listed in the U.S. map below, the following are also available:

International Family Support & Clinics
Since 1984 the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium has taken the lead in fostering worldwide Fragile X communication. Beginning in 2010 we added international affiliates (parent support and clinics).


FXTAS Clinics
FXTAS clinics are comprised of doctors (primarily neurologists and movement disorder specialists), therapists, researchers, and other specialists who treat FXTAS by utilizing the best available scientific knowledge about the known causes of FXTAS.


The markers on the U.S. map below all indicate a clinic, including those participating in the FORWARD Registry & Database.

Fragile X Clinic

Fragile X Clinic + Participates in FORWARD Registry & Database

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