Females & Fragile X Syndrome

Females with a full mutation exhibit a wide range of cognitive abilities, from very mild learning disabilities (normal IQ) to intellectual disabilities. Females are much less likely than boys to exhibit physical characteristics of Fragile X and many have no noticeable physical differences. Females with a full mutation are at increased risk to experience anxiety.

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Fragile X Info Series on Females and Fragile X.

Easy-to-scan resource on females and Fragile X, including physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues associated with the mutation, and the differences when compared to males.


  • Dr. Braden presentation on female power and Fragile X syndrome.

Female Power to Fight a Crisis — Presentation

By |May 8, 2020|

Females living with Fragile X syndrome were asked to give advice to other females living with FXS on how to cope with this — or any future — crisis. Listen as Marcia talks through their advice and her own advice, built on decades of working with patients with Fragile X syndrome.