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“Wat Up?” and Other Steps to Socialization

By |Sep 28, 2022|

“Hey” was one of my son Ian’s first words, and what he quickly learned was that whomever he said that to responded — with something. Usually it was with a smile and friendly tone to their voice, and you know how quickly our children pick up on that positive feeling.

Zynerba Shares their RECONNECT trial

By |Aug 30, 2022|

Zynerba presented about their prior results and their current RECONNECT during the 2022 Industry Updates keynote session at the 18th International Fragile X Conference.

Survey: Fragile X Nutrition Survey

By |Aug 22, 2022|

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is conducting a survey to learn about associations between infant feeding and neurodevelopment in children with Fragile X syndrome.