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NFXF Webinar: 2023 Industry Updates

By |Sep 27, 2023|

The NFXF hosted a Fragile X research updates webinar with three of our industry partners working on treatments for Fragile X syndrome. Each shared the most up-to-date information on their research project(s) in a way that is understood by those who aren’t steeped in drug research day in and day out. A short Q&A followed each presentation.

Reproductive Health — Webinar

By |Sep 6, 2023|

Drs. Heather Hipp and Victoria Wilkins joined us for an informative webinar on the topic of Reproductive health. This is a broad topic, covering the physical and emotional components of areas like puberty, sexuality, reproductive options, and family planning.

DoD grant awarded for a FXTAS trial

By |Sep 1, 2023|

PureTech Health has been awarded a DoD grant of up to $11.4 million from the DoD for their trial of LYT-300, oral formulation of allopregnanolone, in people with Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS).

South Florida Fragile X Clinic

By |Aug 22, 2023|

Highlighting the South Florida Fragile X Clinic, a member of the National Fragile X Foundation’s Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium (FXCRC)