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The Brothers Who Bake D&J Doggie Delights

By |Jun 8, 2022|

Meet David and Jason who together bake and sell dog treats. But that's not their only job: David works as a stocker at a grocery store and paints and exhibits his work at a local gallery. Jason works as a dishwasher and cart attendant and loves to swim.

Highlighting Xtraordinary Individuals

By |Jun 2, 2022|

Highlighting Xtraordinary Individuals Do you know someone who is XTRAORDINARY? Please send us your submission so that we can feature your Xtraordinary individuals during Awareness Month this July! Learn about Katie Hencak, medical student [...]

Study: Aging in Toolbox

By |May 26, 2022|

Researchers around the country are conducting a study to better understand cognitive profiles in adults with intellectual disability. This study is an extension of the ongoing Toolbox Study, which is aimed to optimize cognitive assessment tools for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities.