Whether you’re a newly-diagnosed family in the fragile X community or have been living with the diagnosis for several years, please join us as we speak with Brenda Finucane (Geisinger, ADMI Associate Director & Professor) about the nuts and bolts of Fragile X inheritance.

Visit to the Dentist

May 10, 2017
I learned pretty quickly that visits to a dentist were going to be a challenge for my son, Ian. I demonstrated the process over and over again. I helped him brush his teeth, I encouraged him to brush his own teeth, I tried different tooth brushes and I tried different kinds of toothpaste. I took Ian to my dentist to watch me get my teeth cleaned. He saw his sister get her teeth cleaned.
This week, Congress should wrap up the Fiscal Year 2017 appropriations – just seven months into the fiscal year. The agreement includes an additional $2 billion for the NIH, which should translate into more funds available for Fragile X research. It also signals that Congress does not have an appetite to cut NIH funding 30%, as proposed in the President’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget outline.
On March 23, the Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri hosted a business meeting for all members of the group. Roughly 20 individuals enjoyed dinner, followed by the business of the group. Events since the last meeting were reviewed, along with upcoming events and opportunities. We enjoyed catching up with other following the conclusion of our business.