Meet Our Donors

Our donors and fundraisers are dedicated and inspiring members of the community who are committed to ensuring that the National Fragile X Foundation is here to provide unwavering support to Fragile X families now and into the future. They know that life with Fragile X is often unexpected and sometimes incredibly challenging. They support our advocacy, awareness, and research programs, as well as our ability to provide timely educational resources and dedicated community support services that help Fragile X families each and every day.

The Stedke family

The Stedkes

For Kerry Stedke, creating awareness about Fragile X and becoming an advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities is critically important.

meet the family
Gail and Lyons Heyman and family

The Heymans

Gail and her husband Lyons have been supporters of the NFXF since 2005 when she helped host the NFXF International Conference in Atlanta.

meet the family
The Bridges family

The Bridges

The Bridges support the National Fragile X Foundation because of the life-changing opportunities they discovered for their daughter Caroline.

meet the family
Rajat and Stephanie Sarup

The Sarups

Jordan Sarup is 12 years old and has Fragile X syndrome. Meet a family who goes the extra mile to help their son — and every child living with Fragile X.

meet the family
The Silver family

The Silvers

The NFXF was there at the beginning of their Fragile X journey, and the Silvers want to ensure it’s there for everyone’s journey.

meet the family
Anne and Jay Souder

The Souders

Anne discovered the NFXF early in her quest for support for her family after her son Alec was diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome at age four.

meet the family

Image (featured) by wagnercvilela from Pixabay