by Missy Zolecki

The Greater Chicago Fragile X chapter families gathered on a sunny day in November to support the Brookfield Zoo and its annual Tree Trim event.

The families, 35 children and adults, sponsored an LED-lit Christmas tree, one of many scattered across the zoo in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois. But their tree was Xtra special. In addition to traditional holiday decorations, they added hand-made “X” ornaments, family pictures, and colorful strings of beads, with time left to visit the zoo animals.

Their Xtra special tree remained on display through to year-end. What a festive way to spread the word about Fragile X!

A sign in front of the Christmas tree reads Decorated by The Greater Chicago Fragile X Families. Donated by the National Fragile X Foundation, Washington D.C., 538.
Families decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments scattered on the ground.
A woman and a young boy pose near their decorated Christmas tree for a photo.
The finished Christmas tree, decorated with Fragile X-inspired decorations, at the Brookfield Zoo Tree Trim event.
Close up of some of the beautiful Fragile X-inspired Christmas tree.
A young boy in a wheelchair with a computer tablet on his lap.
A man, woman, and young boy in a wheelchair giving a thumbs up, next to their decorated Christmas tree.
Three young children work hard at decorating their Christmas tree.
Two young boys, one eating popcorn, stand near their decorated Christmas tree.
Three adults, two young children, and a baby pose in front of their decorated Christmas tree.
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