Since 2014 the popular event “Fishing for a Cure” has raised close to $75,000. This year alone, they raised more than $16,000. How do they do it?

Since 2014, Joey Christoff and his family have hosted the multi-day event “Fishing for a Cure” at their home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hilton Head has been repeatedly named one of the top vacation destinations worldwide and is a mecca for fishermen lucky enough to get a chance to reel in the big one. This year’s very special guests participated in a friendly fish competition for the biggest fish. If you’re not familiar with how fishing competitions work, entrants compete for prizes based on the weight of their fish, which are caught within a set period of time.

The guests this year might have outdone themselves. Check out these beauties!

Casting a line into the ocean, a man facing away is wearing a shirt that says Fishing for a Cure.
Three men celebrating one of their catches, one man places a peace sign behind another one's head.
A fisherman on a boat on the water holding a 4 foot shark.
Group shot at sunset.
Group shot at dinner.
A man on a boat on the water holding up a 5 foot or more fish!
A man on a chair on a boat holds a huge fish in his hands.
Three men on a boat on the water, one holding up his huge fish.
Two fishermen on a boat on the water admire their catch.
Group shot on the beach.
Group shot in a restaurant by the water.
Two men on a boat at sea with their prize fish.
A man on a boat on the water holding up his catch.
Three men on a boat on the water, one holding up his giant fish while the others cheer him on
Two men celebrating one of their catches.
Group shot with the boat captain.
Group shot near the water's edge.
Group shot on the tennis court.

A New Family Tradition

Mitch Christoff holding a sign that reads Thank you for supporting Fragile X.

Joey started the Fishing for a Cure tradition in honor of his son, Mitchell, who has Fragile X syndrome, and for his wife and mother-in-law who are carriers at risk of Fragile X-associated disorders.

The landscape of managing life with Fragile X is constantly changing and presents a unique set of challenges for parents and caregivers. Joey’s drive comes from the desire to give hope to all families and to raise awareness and funds for the National Fragile X Foundation.

On the fundraising page, Joey laid out what the funds could do for other families like his:

  • A gift of $100 can help guide a newly diagnosed family with knowledge, resources, tools, and hope – to show them that it’s going to be okay, and they are not alone on this journey.
  • A gift of $250 helps support NFXF Advocates on Capitol Hill to share their story with their member of Congress, to help secure funding for research.
  • A gift of $500 allows the NFXF to offer valuable, on-demand webinars and other educational content for families living with Fragile X across their lifespan, as well as the professionals who strive to serve them throughout their careers.
  • A gift of $1,000 supports resources provided at the NFXF International Fragile X Conference for families to network with other families and learn from professionals about the latest in Fragile X services and research.
  • A gift of $2,500 helps bolster future generations of Fragile X professionals through the support of younger researchers and clinicians.
  • A gift of $5,000 provides scholarships to help send first time attendees to Advocacy Day and the NFXF International Fragile X Conference.
  • A gift of $7,500 helps advance research and improve treatments for individuals living with Fragile X and Fragile X-associated disorders.

I am devoted to raising awareness and funds to support Mitch and all those living with Fragile X. Hopefully someday there will be a cure.


The National Fragile X Foundation promotes advocacy, provides education, advances research, improves treatment, and champions the estimated 1.5 million Americans with the Fragile X gene premutation and up to 100,000 Americans with the full mutation, Fragile X syndrome.

Joey Christoff served as a National Fragile X Foundation volunteer board member for six years and has traveled to Capitol Hill as an advocate. 

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