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Why Laurie, Will, and Caroline Bridges Support the NFXF

By |Dec 13, 2021|

The Bridges have been supporting the Fragile X community for years. They took a few minutes this month to tell you why and encourage you to join them in supporting the work of the National Fragile X Foundation this month. Hear what they have to say.

It’s All About Employ-Ability!

By |Nov 12, 2021|

Paula Fasciano and friends opened Bake Ability so they could give employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

2021 NFXF Webinar Series: Fragile X Premutation

By |Nov 9, 2021|

Dr. Randi Hagerman joins us to discuss the latest information and research on premutation carriers. The recording includes the Q & A session following her presentation. You can watch the video and access the additional resources.

2021 NFXF Webinar Series: Medication Use in Fragile X Syndrome

By |Oct 26, 2021|

Collaborate with us. Families learn how behavior, communication, and sensory processing are connected. Further, families are provided with sensory, communication, and behavioral strategies that can be implemented within daily routines. An emphasis on collaborative and evidence-based practices is highlighted.

An Xtraordinary Employee: Clay

By |Oct 19, 2021|

A concern for parents of children with Fragile X syndrome is their level independence as an adult. This is Clay and his mother June's story.

Understanding a Fragile X Intermediate Result

By |Oct 15, 2021|

Adult neurologists and reproductive specialists increasingly recommend Fragile X testing, as awareness has grown about FXTAS and FXPOI. Fragile X carrier testing during pregnancy has also become relatively commonplace in the US and elsewhere, even for women without a family history suspicious for Fragile X disorders.