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COVID-19 Check-In: Month 5

By |Aug 1, 2020|

What can we do to take care of ourselves and to help others? A mother takes a step back to imagine what life during a pandemic looks like through the eyes of her son, who has Fragile X syndrome.

Shining a Light on NFXF’s Global Impact

By |Jul 29, 2020|

In 2019, Dr. Tabatadze and her colleagues ─ a small team of doctors ─ established the first local Fragile X laboratory in Georgia. They conducted a pilot study and tested 250 patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and intellectual disabilities; the study yielded 11 positive results for Fragile X.

Getting Comfortable Wearing a Mask

By |Jul 29, 2020|

Real-life tips from a mom, Jayne Dixon Weber, who’s already going through this with her own son, plus a a quick video from Rebecca Shaffer to guide you through the process of getting your child comfortable wearing a mask.

Toilet Training in Fragile X Syndrome

By |Jul 20, 2020|

RESEARCH RESULTS ROUNDUP — FORWARD data on 633 individuals with FXS filled the gap for much needed information on when children with FXS learn bladder and bowel toileting skills.

2020 Fragile X Awareness Packets

By |Jul 1, 2020|

July is National Fragile X Awareness Month. To help you raise awareness we pulled together some materials that are free to download and use: posters, Zoom backgrounds, coloring sheets, flyer, and “Know Me” cards.