Family Pool Party – Bloomfield, CT

The NFXF Connecticut Chapter was excited to host a family pool party on August 13, 2023 at the JCC Swim and Tennis Club. Families came from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Ranging in age from 2-92 years old, guests enjoyed perfect weather, fun pool activities (basketball, the water slide and diving board), good food, and great connections. Everyone enjoyed meeting other families who are living with Fragile X for the first time as well as reconnecting with those who they have not seen for some time.

Tammy and Andy Selinger shared how they helped to bring Fragile X awareness to club members who were also enjoying the pool by putting up a banner and placing Fragile X info sheets at the check in for all entering the club to see.

Thank you to Tammy and Andy Selinger for organizing and hosting this local event to provide opportunities for the Fragile X community to connect!

CT-Western MA Night Out Mar 23

Moms and Siblings & Self-Advocates Night Out – Farmington, CT

The NFXF Western Massachusetts, Connecticut Chapters, and the Sibling & Self-advocate Network (SSAN) organized an evening out on September 28, 2023. It was a fun night filled with casual conversations on many topics, sharing successes and discussing challenges and strategies. The group welcomed back many familiar faces, as well as a parent who was attending for the first time.

Thank you to the Chapters and the NFXF Sibling & Self-Advocate Network for providing opportunities for families living with Fragile X to connect with others in the community!

CT-Western MA Night Out Mar 23
Missy Zolecki, Director, Community Empowerment

Missy Zolecki
Missy joined NFXF team in 2018 after being an active volunteer since 2010. Missy organized several fundraisers and educational workshops while serving in her volunteer role. Missy is the mother of three children. Her eldest son, Matt, lives with Fragile X syndrome. Prior to joining the NFXF team, Missy had worked as a nurse for more than 20 years. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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