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CANDI & UMASS: Pilot Study for Children with Fragile X Syndrome

The Child and Adolescent NeuroDevelopment Initiative (CANDI) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is conducting a pilot research study on Fragile X syndrome, sponsored by Fulcrum Therapeutics. The goal of this study is to test new ways of measuring results in Fragile X clinical trials. Eligible participants will have 3 study visits — 2

Target and Tommy Hilfiger introduce adaptive clothing for people with special needs

Both Target and Tommy Hilfiger are announcing new adaptive clothing to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. Target releases their adaptive clothing for children under their Cat & Jack brand. These clothes include removable sleeves, openings at the belly and more. The brand also offers sensory-friendly clothing with flat seams and free from tags. Cat

Study: Brain Development in Relation to Girls with Fragile X Syndrome

Brains, Behavior, and Girls! Researchers at Stanford University are studying brain development in relation to behavior, cognition, and mood in girls with fragile X syndrome. This study is an NIH-funded research project aimed to increase our understanding of the brain during a critical time of a child’s growth. Information learned from this research can ultimately

Studies of Brain/Body Interaction at Rutgers University

What is the study for? The goal of this study is to provide a comprehensive profile of the nervous systems in order to understand interactions between the brain and body, while an individual walks naturally and while breathing at a slow controlled pace. We aim to study these interactions among a variety of populations, from

Study: Come Interact and Play Music with our Avatar!

(Above) Example of participant interacting in real-time with our avatar. What is the study for? This study investigates the interactions between an avatar and a person in our custom body suit. We investigate, in a playful setting, how to improve the person’s body awareness to improve motor control.Who can participate? Participation is open to all,

Southeast Pennsylvania Brings Experts for a Great Conference!

It had been a while since Fragile X Southeast Pennsylvania held an educational conference and this one did not disappoint! Approximately fifty people gathered to hear Medical, Educational and Behavioral Interventions for Fragile X. We went back to basics with Brenda Finucane, MS, LGC who provided us with a refresher of the genetics and underlying

Honoring Margaret and Martin Israel with the NFXF Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Fragile X Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be honoring Margaret and Martin Israel as the recipients of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. An award presentation and celebration will be held in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri on November 4th. For over 37 years, Margaret and Martin Israel have been an

St. Louis Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary at the Mouse Races

The Fragile X Resource Center of Missouri hosted its 12th Annual Fragile X Mouse Races on Saturday, September 23rd.  Nearly 150 guests enjoyed a fast-paced evening of Mouse Races, Mouse Roulette, and bidding on raffle and silent auction items. The mouse race happens tournament style: six races with six mice per race.  The winner of