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My Fragile X Advocacy Journey

By |Jan 11, 2023|

NFXF Director of Community Empowerment, Missy Zolecki, shares her recent experience as a consumer reviewer for the Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program

Premutation Concerns

By |Jan 5, 2023|

A New Year. Here We Come! By Jayne Dixon Weber Ups and downs, challenges and rewards – life gives us all of these. This time of year can be challenging for all of us. [...]

5th Annual FORE! Fragile X Golf Event

By |Dec 27, 2022|

The annual FORE! Fragile X golf event fundraiser, hosted by the Souder family, has been an incredibly inspiring demonstration of support. Thank you Jay, Anne and Alec - and your many supporters over the years!

Home for the Holidays: Making the Visit Comfortable

By |Dec 19, 2022|

A reader asks (and we answer): I heard it can be challenging for individuals with Fragile X to meet new people and be in new situations. Do you have any tips on making the children feel comfortable?

6th Annual Fishing for a Cure Fundraiser

By |Dec 6, 2022|

The annual Fishing for a Cure fundraiser, hosted by Joey Christoff in honor of his son Mitchell, is an example of inspiring and creative ways to raise money for Fragile X. Thank you Joey and Mitch!

All Love Threads — Clothing Designed to Benefit the Special Needs Community

By |Nov 22, 2022|

Since the birth of his brother Filippo, Guido Raponi has constantly looked for ways to help support the Fragile X and special needs communities. The idea for All Love Threads was born when he looked into his closet and saw a number of unworn, fundraising t-shirts and sweatshirts and saw an opportunity to create fashionable awareness clothing.