Presented by Barbara Haas-Givler

From our NFXF Webinar Series, Barbara Haas-Givler, from the Geisinger Fragile X clinic in Pennsylvania, joined us for a one-hour Q&A moderated by NFXF team member Jayne Dixon-Weber. She provided resources and strategies for implementing social skills support in the classroom, home, and community.

Topics covered include considerations to take into account when looking into post-secondary education options, resources to help prepare for puberty, strategies (with examples) on how to support task initiation and completion, and backward and forward chaining and transitions.

Presenter: Barbara Haas-Givler
Moderator: Jayne Dixon-Weber
Runtime: 1:04:39

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Ms. Haas-Givler also gave two excellent presentations for females with FXS — understanding executive functioning and supporting social skills — at the 18th NFXF International Fragile X Conference. Registered webinar attendees were asked to view these two recordings prior to the webinar:

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Barbara Haas-Givler

Barbara Haas-Givler, MEd, BCBA
Director, Education and Behavioral Outreach, Geisinger Fragile X Clinic

Barbara Haas-Givler is a board-certified behavior analyst in Lewisburg, PA. Ms. Haas-Givler has extensive experience in special education, serving in many different capacities over the course of her career, including classroom teacher, administrator, educational consultant, behavior analyst, and research associate for clinical pharmaceutical trials.

Ms. Haas-Givler has been a long-time member of the Fragile X community. Her dedication to providing families living with Fragile X strategies for success has made a huge impact over the years. She is also a member of the NFXF Clinical Trials Committee.

Jayne Dixon Weber, director of community services, NFXF

Jayne Dixon Weber
Jayne served as the NFXF director of community education (and other positions over the years) from 2007 to 2023. She has two adult children, a son with Fragile X syndrome and a daughter. Jayne is the author of Transitioning ‘Special’ Children into Elementary School, co-author of Fragile X Fred, and editor of Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parents’ Guide. Jayne likes to read, enjoys photography, and goes for a walk every day.