About Jayne Dixon Weber

Jayne is the NFXF director of community education and has been a member of the NFXF team since 2007. She has two adult children, a son with Fragile X syndrome and a daughter. Jayne is the author of “Transitioning ‘Special’ Children into Elementary School,” co-author of “Fragile X Fred,” and editor of “Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parents’ Guide.” Jayne likes to read, enjoys photography, and goes for a walk every day.

Observable Symptoms of Anxiety in Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome: Parent and Caregiver Perspectives

By |2024-02-28T15:40:24-05:00Oct 25, 2022|Research Results|

Most individuals with FXS cannot state themselves that they are anxious and self-report is needed in current standardized assessments. The information analyzed in this study will result in the development of a measure where observable and quantifiable data on anxiety in those with FXS can become an outcome measure to be used in future research/trials.

Let the Awareness Continue!

By |2021-09-30T11:23:43-04:00Aug 13, 2021|Blog|

It looks like in many places we're back to wearing masks, or will be soon. Our family has pulled out all our favorite masks and getting used to them all over again.

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