With Dr. Marcia Braden

Dr. Marcia Braden asked females living with Fragile X syndrome to give advice to other females living with FXS on how to cope with the pandemic — and all crises. Dr. Braden talks through their suggestions and adds her own advice, built on decades of working with patients with Fragile X syndrome.

Dr. Marcia Braden

Marcia Braden, PhD, PC
Dr. Braden is a licensed psychologist with a clinical practice specializing in children and adolescents, and serves on the NFXF Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee and the HillSprings Learning Center Advisory Committee. She is also a contributing author of Fragile X Syndrome; Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research, compiled and edited by Randi and Paul Hagerman, Children with Fragile X Syndrome: A Parent’s Guide, edited by Jayne Dixon Weber, and author of Fragile: Handle With Care: More About Fragile X Syndrome.

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