The weather was beautiful for our first X Strides walk, and we had an encouraging turnout! We had 50 people register online and 20 people register on Saturday. It was the best turn out that our group has ever had!

We walked around Como Lake in St. Paul which was 1.6 miles. There were some people that walked around twice. Kwik Trip in Sartell donated water and bananas and Bev and Keith Shellum brought donuts. Afterwards we stuck around and had a picnic lunch to get to know each other better. We had new people in our group bring their families and friends, which was great to see. Such a caring and supportive bunch of family and friends gathered to bring awareness to others on the walk made it special day.

There were quite a few little ones that were having fun walking or strolling around the lake. There was a little girl pulling her duck along the path, there were dogs pulling their people along the path, and lots of shade to keep us going around the path. Again, the day went great!

We were also able to raise awareness because the banner and signage brought people at the park over to ask what Fragile X is, and we even raised more awareness in the group because there is a dad who has had ataxia for years and hadn’t heard of FXTAS even though Fragile X runs in the family.

We had a goal to raise $1,000 and we raised $4,615! We more than quadrupled our goal and that is something to be proud about. Half of the money we raised stays in Minnesota to support our families, and the other half goes to the NFXF to support families around the country.

Thank you for all who came and all who supported us.

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