Fragile X Mentioned on General Hospital

By |2014-02-25T11:38:56-05:00Feb 25, 2014|Community, Video|

Fragile X got some mainstream exposure on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. One of the main characters, Samantha McCall, talks with her estranged adoptive dad. Trying to reconnect with his daughter, Samantha's Dad mentions that [...]

A Fragile X Question on Jeopardy!

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Yes, that's correct Fragile X syndrome was mentioned when Mike asked for "Fragile for $400" on Thursday nights episode of Jeopardy.

I am Thankful 2012!

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We recently asked our friends in the Fragile X community what they are thankful for. Their answers touched us and reminded us that, indeed, our Fragile X families are the most thankful of all! The [...]