Fragile X Mentioned on General Hospital

By |2014-02-25T11:38:56-05:00Feb 25, 2014|Community, Video|

Fragile X got some mainstream exposure on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. One of the main characters, Samantha McCall, talks with her estranged adoptive dad. Trying to reconnect with his daughter, Samantha's Dad mentions that [...]

A Fragile X Question on Jeopardy!

By |2013-10-24T18:53:19-04:00Oct 24, 2013|Community, Video|

Yes, that's correct Fragile X syndrome was mentioned when Mike asked for "Fragile for $400" on Thursday nights episode of Jeopardy.

Memories of Joan Canel

By |2013-04-17T09:26:22-04:00Apr 17, 2013|Community|

Linda Sorensen, MS Associate Director I received an interesting phone call back in the fall of 2008. It was from Joan Canel, and she wanted to know why there wasn’t more going on in [...]

Fragile X Got Talent

By |2012-08-09T05:43:22-04:00Aug 9, 2012|2012, Community|

At the 13th International Fragile X Conference we premiered Fragile X Got Talent, a homegrown Fragile X Talent Show!

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