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My Three Sons

By |Jun 30, 2011|

I have three sons my two older sons are affected by FXS , Kyle is 14- he just graduated from middle school and will be attending our local high school next year. He is also [...]

Self Employed as an Entertainer

By |Jun 29, 2011|

Ben was a born entertainer. The idea of becoming a voice impressionist was suggested by many, but it wasn't until Ben's first business flopped, that he looked at the possibility seriously. He wrote down all [...]

FX Achievement

By |Jun 29, 2011|

I'm Chelsea Owens and I'm 19, soon to be 20 in September and I was diagnosed with the full mutation of FX when I was 7 years old. I'm not severely affected by it. I attended [...]

i love someone with fragile x

By |Jun 29, 2011|

I was a young mother of a beautiful baby boy name Brendan. I started noticing at a young age Brendan was not the same as other kids. He was taking a lot of meltdowns a [...]

A Tribute To My Brother

By |Jun 29, 2011|

My brother, Albert Guerrero was born on January 23, 1943 and was a treasure to our family and everyone who knew him. He was not diagnosed with Fragile X until 1988. He was diagnosed with [...]

What Do You Mean She Has Fragile X?

By |Jun 29, 2011|

Lauren was born 6 February, 2007, our firstborn, and it would have been impossible to have been prouder parents. I cried when I went to the waiting room to tell my in-laws that they had [...]

All About Jack

By |Jun 29, 2011|

Jack was diagnosed with FXS a little over ten years ago when he was just shy of his second birthday. The first signal that something was up was his lack of talking. He still can't [...]

Ryan, the happiest little boy

By |Jun 29, 2011|

My son, Ryan, who will be 4 July 26, was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome in October 2009. Ryan is full of energy and life. Every day is full of smiles and laughter and everyone who [...]

My brother and me

By |Jun 29, 2011|

My brother Zachary loves is 22.  He loves swinging outside when the Mississippi weather isn't too hot.  He watches vintage cartoons, listens to country music, and enjoys being in control of every TV in the [...]

Mother and Daughter new diagnosed

By |Jun 29, 2011|

My daughter who is now 2 and a half started showing signs of being a bit different and an early age. At 8 months I decided to start looking into things myself. Doing research and [...]