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The NFXF Blog


The Team Fragile X Slot Car

By |Jun 10, 2011|

We have a friend in Italy named Richard Bennett who participates in slot car racing for Team Fragile X. Check out the sweet FX custom-designed Lancia Stratos. An earlier design for this car was used ...

Fragile, Not Broken Walk for Knowledge

By |May 31, 2011|

On May 7th, 2011 over 400 people celebrated the 5th Annual Fragile, Not Broken Walk for Knowledge. It poured rained as volunteers from the FX Resource Center of Missouri set up for the event but ...

Research: 2011 NFXF Summer Student Fellowship

By |May 31, 2011|

Six 2011 NFXF Summer Student Fellowship awards of $2,500 each were recently awarded to deserving students. Since the late 1990's the NFXF Student Fellowships awards have benefited approximately 75 young scientists to the tune of ...

The Fabric of Fragile X

By |May 31, 2011|

Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, conferences, seminars, group barbecues and long phone conversations. What do these have to do with each other and with Fragile X? They are all places where one can go, or tools ...

Dad's Turn! Help us with a Father's Day video

By |May 27, 2011|

For Mother's Day, a couple fragile x parents collaborated together at the last minute and created an amazing tribute to the mothers' of Fragile X-associated disorders in a few short days. If you missed the ...

Save the Date for Next Year's Fragile X Advocacy Day!

By |Apr 29, 2011|

The National Fragile X Foundation held its annual Fragile X Advocacy Day, and this year over 140 advocates included family, friends and even self advocates marched onto the steps of Washington to talk to their ...

Moving Forward While Glancing Back

By |Apr 29, 2011|

From the Executive Director The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) is a forward looking organization - a necessity in today's fast-changing Fragile X world. That necessity explains why we played a key role in co-founding ...

“Reality” Check

By |Apr 29, 2011|

Reality shows have taken over our television programming. Rather than watching fictional characters perform comedic,suspenseful or dramatic scripts, we now observe "real" people compete, struggle, argue and live their lives. These programs entertain us and ...

Research Study for Premutation Males Ages 18-50

By |Apr 25, 2011|

The University of California, Davis MIND Institute is currently recruiting men with the Fragile X premutation between the ages of 18-50 to participate in a research study focusing on emotion and memory. Participation includes 2 ...

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