My husband and I were shocked to learn at my nineteen week ultra sound that we were having twin boys. I gave birth to two seven pound babies on October 21, 2008, named Alexander and Ivan. We were so happy they were healthy. But, still at nine months they weren’t sitting well, which led to them starting PT. By 15 months they weren’t saying any words, so they began speech. After voicing my concerns at their 15 month check-up, I asked for them to be evaluated by a developmental pediatrician. She diagnosed both of them as possibly being on the autism spectrum. Then, just to rule out something genetic, we had genetic testing done July of 2010. We were devastated to learn that they had FXS and I was a carrier.

It has been hard to accept that my dream of how parenting would be has been completely altered. Now days are filled with endless therapy sessions and doing whatever else I can do to help further their development. When we do get out, it’s still painful for me to see other kids their age because I realize just how delayed they really are.

But, I think the good outweighs the bad. I take so much joy in being their mother. They have contagious laughs and beautiful smiles. Ivan has anThey have contagious laughs
and beautiful smiles.
amazing sense of humor, while Alexander loves to be cuddled and tickled. They are both extremely affectionate. My husband and I feel so blessed to have them in our lives. We are both grateful that we didn’t know I was a carrier, because then we would have missed out on being parents to these two wonderful boys.