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Faces of Fragile X

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Faces of Fragile X

Fragile X syndrome is an inherited intellectual and developmental disability, and each individual is — well, individual. They are Xtraordinary in their own way.

Below are just a sampling of individuals with Fragile X — a gallery we call Faces of Fragile X. Click on each photo to learn more about them. And, remember, one day you may meet someone with Fragile X syndrome, or you may already know someone. They may be shy, anxious, have difficulty making eye contact, and have short attention spans, but they want to be social. They want to be your friend. Be friendly, patient, and talk to them. They will warm your heart.

Learn more about Fragile X syndrome and support Fragile X awareness, education, and research with a donation.

Faces of Fragile X: Brian

By |2019-08-13T16:13:12-04:00Aug 13, 2019|Faces of Fragile X|

Brian loves to be outside. He loves sports. He is on two baseball teams and a basketball team. He loves to bowl. He loves spending time with his friends. He is always helping and looking out for his friends and family. He struggles with managing his behaviors. Sometimes it is all people notice, which is sad because he is so much more.

Faces of Fragile X: Avi

By |2019-08-02T10:38:46-04:00Aug 2, 2019|Faces of Fragile X|

Meet Avi. He has Fragile X syndrome, and his mom tells us what she loves about him, what she wants others to know, her advice for newly diagnosed families, and more. It is a peek into just one Fragile X family - but worth your time.

Faces of Fragile X: Paul

By |2019-07-29T11:20:44-04:00Jul 29, 2019|Faces of Fragile X|

Paul is one of our Faces of Fragile X. His story is all too common for those with Fragile X - his mom tells us of their initial visit with a psychiatrist when Paul was 3, "After only twenty minutes with the doctor, he told us that Paul would never be able to do much, and that we should think about putting him in a facility or home. He could not have been more WRONG!!!!"

Faces of Fragile X: Varun

By |2019-07-25T11:32:40-04:00Jul 25, 2019|Faces of Fragile X|

Varun is a shy, confident witty teen whose smile just melts everyone’s heart. He is fond of baking, dancing, art, and wants everyone to be always happy. Read more about Varun, Fragile X, and advice for newly diagnosed families from his parents.

Faces of Fragile X: Colin

By |2019-07-23T11:37:06-04:00Jul 23, 2019|Faces of Fragile X|

Meet Colin. He has Fragile X syndrome. He knows everyone and has earned the nickname 'The Mayor.' His mom wants newly diagnosed parents to know, don’t ever give up. It’s ok and it’s not your fault. Advocate, educate and persevere.

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