I think it is important for everyone to be the best person that they can be. It doesn’t matter what your abilities are. Every person in this world has a place in it, and can make a contribution. My sister, Janet, was born the oldest child in a family of 6 children. 3 of them are affected by Fragile X, and she is one of them. Janet graduated from high school and held many jobs over the years. She worked for K-Mart, cleaning in the main office. She worked in a sandwich shop, Hampton Inn and Tim Horton’s. Everywhere she has worked, everyone has loved her. She is a sweet person with a friendly disposition.

As our parents got older and they needed more help, Janet took on the role of caregiver, doing much of the work around the house, caring for the family dog, as well as helping to care for her less capable younger brothers. Things were never easy for Janet, but she always persevered to the best of her ability. Now that our parents are gone, Janet has moved into a staff assisted living home. She welcomed this new adventure, and is thriving, and she is still an important part of our family. We wouldn’t be the same without her. I am lucky to have many heroes to look up to, Janet is one of them.