This is Sam Jacob, he is my co-worker at at the National Fragile X Foundation, and he is one of the coolest dudes I know. No, scratch that. He is THE coolest dude I know.

When he’s at home, he likes to “kick back, relax, turn on the A/C and pop open a ‘cold one’.” (I’m sure those “cold ones” are sodas!) He also is a responsible guy who helps take care of his brother, Ben, who is more affected than he is.

Sam hates Mondays. But he loves the SF Giants and Chicago Cubs. If he’s not wearing clothes with their logos on them, then he’s wearing a shirt with classic rockers on them like The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who.

His favorite task at the office is stuffing envelopes, but it used to be shredding documents. If you’ve ever ordered a Family Packet If you’ve ever ordered a Family
Packet from us, it is likely
that Sam put it together.
from us, it is likely that Sam put it together. Because he works out and is a muscular dude, he’s also a big help when I have to move boxes around. Sam does all of these things for the Foundation because – in his words – it “Pays the Bills.”

Sam shares an office with both me and our coworker Meghan. He calls me “Mr. Fix-It” because I help around the office, and I call him “The Weatherman” because he always knows the temperature. He gets especially pumped when Meghan leaves because he loves hanging out with “just the guys”. The office is very proud that Sam completed his MDUSD Bridge Transition Program and is now attending Futures Explored, a life skills training organization.

One of my favorite moments is when I was leaving the office and put on a newsboy cap, Sam gave me some fashion advice and told me “That hat is corny.” I laughed so hard walking out the door that day.

Not only does he make the office a fun environment, Sam is a great friend.