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Share about a transition point in your life

By |Oct 4, 2011|

The National Fragile X Foundation is looking people to share a first-person story from parents/family members point of view facing specific transition points. Submissions will be considered for inclusion into the Fragile X Quarterly and other future foundation communications.

Public Policy Update: 2012 Federal Budget and Fragile X

By |Sep 30, 2011|

By Jeffrey Cohen Director of Governmental Affairs and Advocacy, NFXF The 2012 federal budget remains an unsettled matter. The 2011 fiscal year ends on 9/30 and 2012 begins on 10/1. Under “normal” circumstances the 2012 [...]

Upcoming Events for October 2011

By |Sep 30, 2011|

Here are highlights of upcoming Fragile X Events in the month of October and the beginning of November. Check out our Events Calendar to see what else is going on. Click on each event link [...]

September Fragile X Fundraisers Review

By |Sep 30, 2011|

Walk for Fragile X September 3, 2011 Milwaukee, WI Fragile X LINKS Group of Wisconsin On September 3, the Fragile X LINKS Group of Wisconsin gathered with friends and family for their first [...]

Our Fragile X World adds over $7,000 to NFXF

By |Sep 29, 2011|

We've previously announced Our Fragile X World through our social media accounts, our Fragile Xtras e-newsletter and the NFXF Quarterly. Our Fragile X World is a community of families and researchers dedicated to using survey [...]

2nd Annual Hat Party

By |Sep 13, 2011|

National Fragile X Foundation Board Member Deborah Kwan is hosting the 2nd Annual Hat Party to benefit the NFXF. Come wearing your favorite hat for a night of drinks, appetizers, and dancing!  The Northern California [...]

Spotlight Group: Fragile X Families of SW Chicago

By |Aug 30, 2011|

The Fragile X Families of SW Chicago is a newly formed and very active parent support group headed by LINKS Leader, Missy Zolecki. Missy and her husband, Mark have been married for almost 13 years.  [...]