LINKS - Linking Individuals Nationally in Knowledge and Support

Linking Individuals Nationally in Knowledge and Support

Several of our Fragile X LINKS Groups have short online surveys for local families to take so that they can stay up to date with your needs and interests. Your feedback is important and crucial to the groups’ efforts.

If you live in their area, please participate in their survey, so they know how to better serve you. Please complete the surveys by October 14th so that we can submit the results to the groups in a timely manor.

If your region isn’t listed please feel free to join our Fragile Xtras Mailing List and we’ll send you our monthly newsletter and future emails from groups local to you.

San Diego, California Connecticut
Tennessee Northern Idaho & Eastern Washington
Central Illinois Louisiana
Massachusetts St. Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri Wisconsin
Tri-State Fragile X Alliance
(Kentucky, Southern Ohio, Central Ohio, & Indiana)
New Jersey

EDIT: It appears that when we initially created this post, we left off New Jersey, sorry about that.