The National Fragile X Foundation is looking people to share a first-person story from parents/family members point of view facing specific transition points. Submissions will be considered for inclusion into the Fragile X Quarterly and other future foundation communications. Some examples might included a family member transitioning from:

  • home to school setting
  • high school to the world beyond
  • from living at home to a community setting
  • and so on…

What is it like and how are you planning to move forward? Put your short story into the form below and it’ll be submitted to our editor, Andrew Hidas for review. Additional you are welcome to email Andrew Hidas at by October 15, 2011.

Below the form is an example of a transition story one of our families has previously submitted.

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When Daniel, who is 25, is asked what he wants for his birthday or Christmas, all he has ever wanted was another trip to Disneyland. He knows anything and everything about Disney, having memorized from experience, his collection of children’s videos, books & DVD’s that detail behind the scenes activities and almost endless information about parks world wide and Disney Cruises.

Daniel is currently on a waiting list to be admitted to a residential program called ‘Training for Independent Living’. He will be living with two other men in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  After completing a 2-4 year course, he will qualify for Section 8 housing and supervised independent living.  The case worker said they have many clients working at Disneyland.  I wasn’t sure if Daniel would ever WANT to “grow up and move out” but when we put a job at Disneyland at the other end of the journey he became more than ready to take it on with his usual persistence & determination!