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Never Give Up

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Ryan is my 19 year old son who was diagnosed with full mutation at age 5 in 1996. Fifteen years later, I am thrilled and amazed at what Ryan has accomplished. His "Can Do" attitude and [...]

The Car Guy

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Spencer Shelton is a 20-year-old second-year student at Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, NM, "the center of the alien universe," as Spencer puts it. Spencer's home is in Mesilla, NM, a 3-hour drive from [...]

The Hoeser Family

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Hello Fellow Fragile X Families, We are the Hoeser family. We live in Illinois. Our son Joey has Fragile X syndrome. He is now 26 yrs old. Joey has come a long way in his [...]

One of a Kind

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Samantha loves collecting things. Whether it's shells on a beach, or rocks on a trail, she will spend hours searching for that special prize. Many, many pencils and erasers have also been collected and are [...]

Sweet Surprise

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Toby just turned two at the end of May and he is a sweet and happy addition to our family. I knew I was a carrier so we chose to adopt our older sons, but [...]


By |Jun 30, 2011|

Meet Ian, 7; Avery, 5; and Benjamin, 4.  Each diagnosed with full mutation Fragile X.  Each very unique and wonderful in who they are.  Ian has come further than we ever imagined he would after [...]

A Miracle We Never Expected

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Peter, age 3, in the orange sweater vest, has full mutation FX with endless possibilities to achieve all that he dreams. Peter has an infectious smile and heart that could warm the Arctic. His older [...]

Masons World

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Mason is a happy energetic 9 year old boy. He puts a smile on anyone's face once they get to know him. He is very curious about all life around him. Mason gets in to [...]

The love of my life

By |Jun 30, 2011|

This is our son Hunter Wilhite, he is 9 years old. He was diagnosed with Fragile X at an early age, and we were devastated. After years of grieving and feeling sorry for ourselves, we [...]

Evyn Anderson

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Evyn is 9 and full of life. His favorite hobby is puzzles. He loves to swim and ride his bike and go to church. Life is a new adventure every day. Fragile X Syndrome is [...]

My Amazing Son

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Zac is an amazing 13 year old who can do anything he sets his mind to. He loves so unconditionally it's amazing. He was diagnosed when he was a little over 3 years old after [...]

Challenges and Triumphes of Ryan

By |Jun 30, 2011|

Ryan, 13 years old with FX, Autism and ADHD has a lot of challenges, including sensory, social awareness and other things that he really doesnt like to do. But Mom and Dad inspired him to [...]