Peter, age 3, in the orange sweater vest, has full mutation FX with endless possibilities to achieve all that he dreams. Peter has an infectious smile and heart that could warm the Arctic. His older brothers who don’t seem to be affected, but have not been tested, have learned of patience, kindness and standing up for what is right at a very early age. And even though Peter was not fond of his sister from the beginning, he now, will not go anywhere without her. We continue to watch Peter grow and learn in ways we never thought would be possible.

We love all of his wonderful quirks, from the hand-flapping (to show a form of excitement I would love to achieve), to the pats on the back (to let me know he is sorry and is ok), to the giggles and laughter (because of the way a word sounds). We have learned and will continue to learn more from him than he will ever learn from us. We are truly blessed to have him in our family, and thank God every day for our “special” gift.