Toby just turned two at the end of May and he is a sweet and happy addition to our family. I knew I was a carrier so we chose to adopt our older sons, but then, surprise! Along came Toby. We found out when we was four months old that he had Fragile X, but he has hasn’t let his diagnosis hold him back! He sat up and crawled right on time and walked at 14 months. He currently has about two dozen words (his favorite at the moment being “yucky!”) and we’re working on eating with utensils.

Toby is a trooper. He’s had to move houses twice in his first year! (But now we’re settled in a house we love.) And we’re an active family. He’s already been on numerous road trips and flown on a plane! Being the youngest, he gets dragged to big brothers’ baseball games, parties and other activities. Afternoon school pick up for the older two always seems to cut into afternoon nap time for Toby and inevitably, he gets woken up. It’s tough being the little guy, but he rolls with it.

Toby loves pretty much any food I put on his plate. He is always singing. (Well, his version of singing anyway.) He often asks for “Jake” or “Melmo” because he likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Elmo’s world. And if he is anywhere near water he WILL get in, so we have learned to give in and get wet… a lot.

Here’s Toby at a local splash pad… in his element!