Hello Fellow Fragile X Families,

We are the Hoeser family. We live in Illinois. Our son Joey has Fragile X syndrome. He is now 26 yrs old. Joey has come a long way in his life. He has made many great strides in his 26yrs of life. He attends Countryside Association in our state. Countryside provides vocational training as well as Job coach training for its clients. When Joey turned 21 we went in search of the place that would fit his needs as well as the understanding of Fragile X. At first it was difficult but then we found Countryside Association. At first they gave Joey a 3 month trial. After the 3 months they told us that he needed more supervision than they could provide. We were heartbroken. But we told them we would hire a 1 on 1 aid for him. They said okay nut he would have to be gradually weened away from the aid. After about a year he was successful in his transition. Now he does spring Jobs, and a 5 piece plumber device and can produce anywhere between 1,000 and 1,500 per day! He has his good days but he has suceeded!!! Thanks to the FX Foundation