I knew at age 4 months that Calvin was different. My son did not meet any of the typical milestones for a baby his age. He rarely cried, often forgot to breath and was quite honestly way too laid back. He often stayed fixated on objects for hours on end such as the ceiling fan. By the time he reached age 2, the behaviors started! As a mom, I knew something was not quite right with my child and started aggressively seeking medical advice from pediatricians. I felt so overwhelmed and obsessed to find answers, I kept journals, researched doctors, neurologists, therapist, medical books and anyone and anything that could give me answers. Finally, 4 pediatricians, 2 neurologists and 1 neuro-developmental specialist later at age 4 Calvin was diagnosed with Fragile X. I was shocked to say the least but relieved that we had an answer and to prove that I was not crazy as the medical professionals made me feel regarding the issues with my son.

I have learned so much over the years not just about Calvin, but about myself and possibly understanding the struggles that I had when I was his age that were never addressed because my parent didn’t know. Through many of his behaviors and milestone, I got answers regarding my learning patterns and coping abilities as a child. Calvin has flourished over the years; he is a very active 9-year-old with very few physical limitations. His speech and development are still moderately delayed and while he still has occasional meltdowns, they’ve become very few and far between. He is an absolute JOY and BLESSING in our lives. I learn from him daily and quite honestly can’t imagine life any other way. Calvin feels and believes he is as normal as any other child is, Fragile X to him is just a diagnosis!