Ben was a born entertainer. The idea of becoming a voice impressionist was suggested by many, but it wasn’t until Ben’s first business flopped, that he looked at the possibility seriously. He wrote down all the impressions he had been doing for his family his entire life. There were about eighty! In addition to that, Ben loved karaoke and had learned how to sing ‘What A Wonderful World’ in a perfect Louis Armstrong voice. They set up a meeting with their friends at the local community living office and Ben presented his idea and shared some of his samples with them. They were pleased and asked if he would entertain at the next AGM. He did that and again received a warm reception. The organization then asked if he would be the main-stage entertainment at the annual ‘Illuminaria Festival’ in the community. One by one, Ben got more and more shows through word of mouth referrals and by making phone calls and sending emails.

That was two years ago. Since then, Ben receives standing ovations and warm receptions again and again wherever he goes. He has performed before numerous Ben receives standing ovations
and warm receptions again and
again wherever he goes.
audiences; community living groups including self-employment advocates; Youth Unlimited; Laffline’s Comedy Club; and the United Way. Ben is paid an honorarium for his work with the amount being determined by each client. Ben enjoys the performances and takes incredible pride in his accomplishment as an impressionist. People who have seen him perform in the past, will stop him on the street and compliment him again on his talent.

Ben enjoys discovering new voice impressions he can do as well as learning new songs. He has also added songs by Randy Travis and Elvis Presley to his repertoire! He enjoys the preparations, practicing and traveling that is required for each show; performing is and always has been, Ben’s gift.