Nathan is 26 and was diagnosed with Fragile X the same year the National FX Foundation was established. There was no internet or information at that time and no one (even most Dr.’s) had ever heard of it. I thought I was all alone, but it wasn’t too long before I met some other parents and went to a support group which evolved into the Fragile X Association of Southern California which I am a Board Member. I am so happy to be able to help newly diagnosed families not feel so alone and get information to them that will make their lives easier. Nathan still lives at home with myself and his Dad and brother who also has FX. He spends his days on the computer, riding his bike, going for walks, reading, downloading and listening to music, watching TV and movies, playing basketball with his brother, and is content with his life and happy. He is very caring and loving and tells me he loves me every day. He is a blessing!