I was a young mother of a beautiful baby boy name Brendan. I started noticing at a young age Brendan was not the same as other kids. He was taking a lot of meltdowns a day. It’s wasn’t till I had my 2 child that we had him and he’s baby sister with my tested for fragile x. Everything change for us. We fight for years for school and did the best for him. Now we lived with fx for 12 years. I’m proud to say Brendan is a teenager that loves taking bus rides alone. He knows everything about hockey and wrestling. He’s talks French and English about everything he sees. He’s the smartest kid I know on computers and xbox 360. Brendan enjoy riding he’s bike.

If someone would have told me that my son would have been doing so well. I wouldn’t have believe it. Fragile x has been apart of me all life not knowing it and it well been with us forever.

Mommy always love’s her boy