My son, Ryan, who will be 4 July 26, was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome in October 2009. Ryan is full of energy and life. Every day is full of smiles and laughter and everyone who knows him knows him for his happiness. He loves to be outside, run around, blow and pop bubbles, play with balloons, and most of all anything that has to do with water. Ryan would stay in a pool or a bath all day if I would allow him. One thing we look forward to every year is going to a local theme park that has a water park which Ryan loves to run around in care free.

Although Ryan’s diagnosis has been a challenging one, we would not change him for anything. What matters most to us is that Ryan is happy, and he does not go a day without being extremely happy. The day he stops smiling we will be worried. Yes, there are tantrums that he goes through and learning struggles among other things, but these are not what define him. He is a special little boy with lots of love surrounding him.