Adolescent and Adult Project

Reading: Behavior, Mental Health and Medications

Content & Associated Videos

When you reach a section in your reading that notes there’s a video/vignette available: stop, watch the video associated with the section, and continue.

  1. Medication, Behavior, and Fragile X Syndrome
  2. Additional Medication Information
  3. Behavior Issues: Mood Disorders + Video
  4. Behavior Support/Crisis Plan Hierarchy
  5. When Agitation Occurs: Using the “3 Rs” + Video
  6. Reward Systems
  7. Behavior at Home: A Few Simple Changes
  8. Resources

Reading: Social Development

Content & Associated Videos

  1. Social Development
  2. Socialization Survey and Results
  3. Social Situations: Talking on the Telephone + Video
  4. Social Situations: Sensory Issues + Video
  5. Social Situations: Anxiety Issues + Video
  6. Tips for Making Social Outings Safe
  7. Camps/Opportunities for Socialization
  8. Other Types of Social Opportunities
  9. Ongoing Social Opportunities
  10. References

Reading: Living Settings


  1. Independent Living: Summary of Guidelines for Establishing a Private Home
  2. Other Living Options
  3. Living Settings Checklist
  4. Interview Questions for a Care Provider
  5. When Your Young Adult Moves Out
  6. Various U.S. Living Settings
  7. Living Settings by State
  8. References

Reading: Transportation

Content & Associated Videos

  1. Walking to Work Independently + Video
  2. Biking to Work Independently + Video (same as above)
  3. Riding a Public Bus Independently + Video
  4. Car/Plane Travel Ideas
  5. Transportation References

Reading: Employment

Content & Associated Videos

  1. Finding a Job: Building on Strengths and Interests + Video
  2. Interview Form and Checklist
  3. Developing Appropriate Work Attributes + Video
  4. Behavior at Work: Modifying the Environment
  5. Employment Opportunities—Nationwide Companies
  6. Employment Opportunities—State and Local Resources
  7. Other Employment Options
  8. National Employment Resources