Get Your Free E-book: Adults with Fragile X Syndrome

Our free e-book, Adults with Fragile X Syndrome: Making a Better Tomorrow, helps parents and caregivers of adults with Fragile X syndrome make a better tomorrow for them. They deserve it!

We are pulling together a comprehensive guide to transitioning into and continuing to care for adults with Fragile X syndrome, including: the transition to adulthood; transportation; housing; employment, volunteering, and day programs; college/postsecondary education; activities of daily living; social development; and behavior, mental health, and medications.

The first two chapters are now available to download: Transition to Adulthood and Transportation. It is nearly 25 pages of information and practical advice on:
  • helping them become more independent through transportation, with up-to-date guidance on ride-sharing
  • waitlists for services
  • SSI
  • health insurance
  • transition to a new primary care doctor
  • financial planning
  • guardianship
  • and more

When you request your copy of the new e-book, you will instantly receive the chapters on the transition to adulthood and transportation, and automatically receive each new chapter as it is released over the next few months. When the e-book is complete, we will send you a final copy.

As with all of our digital resources, this is provided free-of-charge, because the ability to pay shouldn’t stand in the way of giving help and hope to those living with Fragile X.

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