With Paula Fasciano, Jed Seifert, Matthew Fasciano, Benjamin Fasciano, Darren Seifert, and Samantha Rhodes

Meaningful employment is important to parents and self-advocates! In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we hosted a dynamic panel that shared strategies and their individual employment successes.  This one-hour Q&A session, moderated by NFXF Executive Director Hilary Rosselot, is filled with inspiration, insight, and helpful tips. Self-advocate panelists Matthew Fasciano, Benjamin Fasciano, Darren Seifert, and Samantha Rhodes, shared details about their various jobs and what they enjoy most about their work.

Paula Fasciano and Jed Seifert, panelists and members of the Fragile X community, are employing individuals of all abilities. Paula and Jed shared their challenges and success strategies in employing individuals with disabilities. They both shared how one of the most powerful strategies is focusing on identifying the individual’s strengths, then creating supports based on their strengths to promote success in their assigned tasks and roles.

NFXF Webinar Series: Employment Strategies & Successes

Personal Stories and First-Hand Experiences

During the webinar, the panelists shared resources and organizations that have been helpful:

Before the live webinar, some of the presenters prepared a video about their employment experiences. We asked registered attendees to review them prior to the live webinar so they could prepare their questions, which were discussed during the live event.

These are the videos shared with attendees, and where you can find more in-depth information from each of our panelists:

Jed Seifert

Jed has a younger brother, Darren, who lives with Fragile X syndrome. Jed employs several individuals with disabilities.

Paula Fasciano

Paula is the mother to Matthew and Benjamin who both live with Fragile X syndrome and the owner of Bake Ability that employs individuals with disabilities.

Matthew Fasciano

Matthew is a young adult living with Fragile X syndrome in Pennsylvania. Matthew is currently working two jobs.

Benjamin Fasciano

Benjamin is a young adult and is living with Fragile X syndrome in Pennsylvania. Benjamin is currently working two jobs.

Additional Resources

As you begin to consider employment options, we have resources available to help navigate and guide you and your loved one.

Missy Zolecki, Director, Community Empowerment

Missy Zolecki
Missy joined NFXF team in 2018 after being an active volunteer since 2010. Missy organized several fundraisers and educational workshops while serving in her volunteer role. Missy is the mother of three children. Her eldest son, Matt, lives with Fragile X syndrome. Prior to joining the NFXF team, Missy had worked as a nurse for more than 20 years. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.