Supporting the Fragile X Community

By |2012-05-31T13:12:32-04:00May 31, 2012|Fragile Xtras, Fundraiser|

Julie Stutzman Development Manager Chicago Mom has Bragging Rights! Back in February, LINKS Leader Melissa Zolecki’s younger children were collecting pennies for four different charities, one of which was Autism. Her daughter, Paige, asked [...]

What's Happening at the Conference?

By |2012-04-30T14:26:35-04:00Apr 30, 2012|2012, Fragile Xtras|

Make sure your sails are set for due course to Miami this summer! Ahoy! Check out the eXciting speakers and presentations line up. Anchor your hotel reservations today. Buoy your bank account (save $$) by [...]

How To Choose an App

By |2012-03-29T20:16:36-04:00Mar 29, 2012|Fragile Xtras|

Sarah "Mouse" Scharfenaker There are millions of great apps out there. Here are some guidelines as to how to pick 'em. What is your goal in using a specific app? Reinforcing/practicing concepts from therapies? Keep [...]

A Forward Trajectory

By |2012-03-29T19:23:55-04:00Mar 29, 2012|Fragile Xtras, Keeping You Informed|

From the Executive Director Robert Miller Advocacy Day is over – but our Public Policy effort continues: Twenty-three of the twenty-five Fragile X clinics have met – but the work of the Fragile X Clinical [...]

Finding Apps For Your Child

By |2011-10-31T14:45:18-04:00Oct 31, 2011|Fragile Xtras|

As technology moves forward, there have become increasingly more ways to help your child learn and navigate their life. You may have heard of Apple, Android, and PC apps which can be useful to that [...]

Self-Regulation Through the Life Span

By |2011-10-31T14:30:46-04:00Oct 31, 2011|Fragile Xtras, Podcast|

Join the National Fragile X Foundation’s Executive Direct, Robert Miller and Coordinator of Support Services, Jayne Dixon Weber as they interview LINKS Group Leader and Fragile X parent Laureen Majeske and Developmental FX’s Tracy Stackhouse and Sarah “Mouse” Scharfenaker for a discussion on how self-regulation makes things work for Fragile X.

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