Julie Stutzman
Development Manager

Chicago Mom has Bragging Rights!

Back in February, LINKS Leader Melissa Zolecki’s younger children were collecting pennies for four different charities, one of which was Autism. Her daughter, Paige, asked the social worker who organizes them, why Fragile X wasn’t on the list and then started talking about the link of Fragile X syndrome and Autism. Upon hearing this the social worker agreed to do something in support of Fragile X. On May 8th they did a pencil walk. The students were encouraged to bring a quarter to participate.

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“Our friends and neighbors sent in lots of quarters. The social worker also decided to kick in money from what student council had raised. We ended up with $500!” Missy said as she was blown away by their generosity. She brought temporary Fragile X Tattoo’s and all the kids put them on (over 850 students). The social worker also spent time in all of the classrooms talking to the students about Fragile X. Many of the kids either knew her children and Missy’s son Matt. After all that the social worked proclaimed “As far as she is concerned, the pencil walk will always benefit Fragile X”

It Takes a Village…

When it comes to fundraising, everyone involved with the NFXF plays an important role, including everyone on our team, the board members, and especially the volunteer family members of those affected by Fragile X! Whether you participate in your local LINKS Support Network group, throw fabulous events, talk to friends and coworkers about the NFXF or raise pennies, you are the voice that is heard the loudest around the United States. Nothing is more powerful than your face-to-face communications with members of your community. I recently read a national study that showed that for every $1 received through a mail solicitation, $12 can be raised by telephone contact, and $50 can be raised through face-to-face. So, continue to talk to everyone who will listen in your community!