2011 Annual Fund

Since 1984, the NFXF has made it a goal to always be looking forward. Whether we are providing support and information for a newly diagnosed family, advocating each year for federal funding for Fragile X-associated Disorders, or assisting with transitions into adulthood, we strive to move forward towards new ways of improving the lives of those affected by Fragile X. Please join us in our efforts by making a contribution today.

1st Annual Awareness Walk and Family Fun Day

Fragile X Alliance of Texas FundraiserFragile X Alliance of Texas Fundraiser

On November 5, the Fragile X Alliance of Texas held the 1st Annual Awareness Walk and Family Fun Day in San Antonio, TX. The event garnered huge support, with 42 fundraisers and 105 registrants on FirstGiving alone. In addition to the walk, participants received a t-shirt and lunch and enjoyed lots of fun children’s activities. Thanks to everyone involved for making the walk a successful event!

Fundraising Round-Up: Kid’s Edition

Ashlyn and Cailey Southard and neighbors: “Lemonade Stand With a Twist”

Each year we are amazed and inspired by our young fundraisers and advocates, and we want to make sure they are recognized for their hard work! If you know of someone below age 18 who also held a fundraiser, please leave a comment or send an email to fundraising@fragilex.org.

Cody Bobert – Hot Chocolate stand at Marquette University football game

Beth Ceriello – Lemonade stand

Georgia Grande – Lemonade stand at the Virginia Educational Conference

Ashlyn and Cailey Southard and neighbors – “Lemonade Stand With a Twist”