Transitioning Forward (Part 1 of 2)

By |2011-12-19T11:23:29-05:00Dec 19, 2011|Podcast|

In Part One of our two-part series, we interview two different parents whose children are moving forward in their lives. Melissa Street's son Jesse is transitioning into a typical classroom, and Carolyn Jackson's two daughters [...]

Self-Regulation Through the Life Span

By |2011-10-31T14:30:46-04:00Oct 31, 2011|Fragile Xtras, Podcast|

Join the National Fragile X Foundation’s Executive Direct, Robert Miller and Coordinator of Support Services, Jayne Dixon Weber as they interview LINKS Group Leader and Fragile X parent Laureen Majeske and Developmental FX’s Tracy Stackhouse and Sarah “Mouse” Scharfenaker for a discussion on how self-regulation makes things work for Fragile X.