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Alcobra Ltd Announces a New Clinical Trial Enrolling Subjects with Fragile X Syndrome in 2014

By |2014-05-21T11:22:36-04:00May 21, 2014|Opportunities for Families|

Alcobra Ltd will be conducting a clinical trial of Metadoxine Extended Release (MDX) in adults and adolescents, 15 to 55 years old, with Fragile X syndrome. The planned Phase IIb MDX clinical trial will be a multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled study, conducted primarily in the US. The study is supported by positive data collected from multiple earlier animal studies using metadoxine. Results from these studies demonstrated significant improvement in behavioral and cognitive outcomes in mice based on testing and performance of memory, learning, and social interaction.

Parent-Implemented Spoken Language Intervention

By |2014-04-15T08:07:12-04:00Apr 15, 2014|Opportunities for Families|

We are recruiting a small group of mothers and their children with Fragile X syndrome, between the ages of 10- and 17-years, to participate in a pilot study of a parent-implemented language intervention. The goal of this project is to teach each mother strategies which can be used to support spoken language development in their child with Fragile X syndrome.

MIND Institute Study on Men with FX Premutation

By |2013-12-17T06:51:50-05:00Dec 17, 2013|Opportunities for Families|

We are searching for men who are carriers of the Fragile X premutation between the ages of 40 and 69 to participate in a longitudinal UC Davis research project, studying changes in brain and cognition associated with aging. For men who have not yet been tested, FMR1 DNA testing is completed to help determine eligibility for the study.

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