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Seaside Therapeutics Harbor-C Trials

By |2012-11-06T11:08:49-05:00Nov 6, 2012|Opportunities for Families|

Seaside Therapeutics is studying the science of the brain and working to deliver treatments that improve the underlying causes of developmental disorders like Fragile X syndrome. Right now, Seaside is testing an investigational medicine called STX209 (arbaclofen) for individuals with Fragile X syndrome with social impairment. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of families, one of the clinical trials is almost complete.

Infants with FMR1 Premutation or Fragile X Syndrome

By |2012-10-12T10:31:56-04:00Oct 12, 2012|Opportunities for Families|

The University of South Carolina’s Neurodevelopmental Disorders Lab is currently recruiting families with infants 10 months and younger who have been diagnosed with the FMR1 premutation or full mutation Fragile X. We are interested in learning about the early development of infants who are at risk for developmental delay to promote early diagnosis and treatment for these children and their families.

Study on Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood

By |2012-09-07T09:00:30-04:00Sep 7, 2012|Opportunities for Families|

The University of South Carolina recruiting participants for an online study to help identify policies and services needing to be more responsive to your needs and experiences. They are studying the health and participation in various life activities (school, work, family and community life).

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