Katie Couric to feature Fragile X on Yahoo News!

By |2022-11-15T14:59:06-05:00Jan 13, 2015|In the News|

Katie Couric and her news team contacted us about featuring Fragile X on Yahoo News with Katie Couric. We’re excited to announce that they will be airing the piece soon! The news piece features interviews with NFXF Co-Founder Dr. Randi Hagerman, NFXF Board member Brain Silver and his wife Shari...

Huber: A Response to "Marijuana-like Brain Chemicals" Possible Treatment for FXS

By |2014-05-20T12:50:30-04:00May 20, 2014|In the News|

The Fox news piece highlighted an original research article, by Drs. Daniele Piomelli and Olivier Manzoni and colleagues, that found boosting the production of a natural marijuana-like chemical in the brain, 2-AG, called an endocannabinoid, could restore normal brain function and behavior in the mouse model of Fragile X. Although this finding is very exciting, don’t make the marijuana brownies just yet!

More Than a Case of Fragile X

By |2014-05-08T11:58:58-04:00May 8, 2014|In the News|

Colleen McGavin, a student at the University of Michigan Medical School, explains to the medical community that her brother with Fragile X is not just "a case of Fragile X" but a "beautiful, complex, vulnerable, [...]

Changing Minds: Advocates Reshape How We Think About Autism

By |2012-11-05T08:42:00-05:00Nov 5, 2012|In the News|

Brandon Reynolds, the author of the article Changing Minds: Advocates Reshape How We Think About Autism which recently appeared in the SF Weekly, has a brother with Fragile X syndrome and has been a past contributor to the NFXF’s Foundation Quarterly. The article features quotes from our executive director, Robert Miller, FX expert and medical director at UC Davis’ MIND Institute, Randi Hagerman, and several FX parents.

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