By Missy Zolecki

The NFXF Western Massachusetts Chapter set a goal to make connections with Fragile X community members outside of their local area. Chapter leader, Denise Devine, took to the road and organized a gathering at a local Bistro in Waltham, MA.  Denise said the evening included “great food and company”! The lively discussion included sharing of ideas and programs.

Adult and child golfers on a golf course.

Thank you, Denise, Rachel and Joan, for an evening of connection and sharing!

Missy Zolecki, Director, Community Empowerment

Missy Zolecki
Missy joined NFXF team in 2018 after being an active volunteer since 2010. Missy organized several fundraisers and educational workshops while serving in her volunteer role. Missy is the mother of three children. Her eldest son, Matt, lives with Fragile X syndrome. Prior to joining the NFXF team, Missy had worked as a nurse for more than 20 years. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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DOD grant awarded for a FXTAS trial

By |Sep 1, 2023|

PureTech Health has been awarded a DOD grant of up to $11.4 million from the DOD for their trial of LYT-300, oral formulation of allopregnanolone, in people with Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (FXTAS).