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Commentary on SAGE Therapeutics Grant to Study Fragile X Syndrome

By |2013-08-06T10:22:05-04:00Aug 6, 2013|Keeping You Informed, News Reports and Commentaries|

We reached out to Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD member of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee regarding the NIH's new Neurological Drug Development Project with SAGE Therapeutics. She says, "This funding is to develop a drug that works to increase activity at GABA-A receptors which there is some data to suggest have reduced activity in the brain of the Fragile X mouse (GABA-A is different than the one arbaclofen works on which is GABA-B.) GABA-A is the receptor activated by the drug galaxonone that Dr. Randi Hagerman is conducting a trial of."

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