A recent study by Brenda Finucane of the Geisinger Health System and her colleagues reveals that many educators and therapists still know little about Fragile X syndrome (FXS). Brenda Finucane is an NFXF Scientific & Clinical Advisory Committee member and genetic counseling consultant.

The researchers surveyed 439 professionals in the field of autism to assess their knowledge and perceptions about FXS and related issues. Even though almost half had worked with at least one child diagnosed with FXS, most lacked basic knowledge about the condition and rarely accessed Fragile X-specific resources.

What’s more, many professionals are still unaware of the general physical characteristics of those diagnosed with FXS, and many rarely ask about the cause of a child’s disability when working with them.

In response to the findings, Robert Miller, NFXF Executive Director said, “The results of this study illustrate the importance of increasing awareness of all Fragile X-associated Disorders in the medical and therapeutic professions including those working primarily in the autism field.”

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